Thursday, August 21, 2014


Over on David Scrimshaw's blog, David Scrimshaw's Blog, Milan posted a link in a comment to a photo of a binder clip sphere.

The photo was posted on boingboing following a post by the sphere's creator, Eduardo Ballestero, on Reddit:

He says on Reddit that it's sturdy enough to toss back and forth, though it does hurt a bit.

What a thing of beauty! If Eduardo does post the instructions as he said he would, that would be most awesome!

- RG>


  1. A certain furry friend of mine with a predilection for photography asked if I'd seen the boingboing post just after Milan left his comment.

    I replied that I had seen it, but a) too fiddly and b) what would I do with it?

    He replied that he saw my point about the too fiddly, but I could give the binder clip ball to RealGrouchy as a wedding present.

    1. I can't say that I'm wedded to the idea...

      - RG>