Saturday, April 10, 2010

Creating the Fan Club Header

What better inauguration than a "making of" clip for the beautiful BCFC header.

I started by layout out a screen on the floor to act as a clean background, then dumping a box of assorted binder clips onto it:

Next I took some photos. Not nearly enough, it turns out, but it resulted in a couple decent stock photos of binder clips, like this one:

I plucked out the rubber bands, and pulled out the smaller coloured clips. These would be sprinkled on top to make it look like there are more (just like in Parliament!)

From there, it's a matter of snapping another photo or two:

Cropping it and adding some text in Picasa:

Upload it and find a compatible template, and that's it!

Oh, except for cleaning up the pile of binder clips. The easiest and most readily available tool for scooping the clips back into the box was, I kid you not, a clipboard!

Now to recruit some members of this fan club...

- RG>